Researchers have found children who attend high-quality early childhood programs gain skills normally associated with greater brain development, such as problem solving and language, math, and literacy skills. They also gain other kinds of competencies such as self-control, a higher motivation for learning and social skills.

Oruga World is a preschool committed to providing education that supports self-expression,cooperative play, creativity, emotional well being, and development of social, cognitive, communication ,Emotional and motor skills of the child. The curriculum program offers activities that enhance and develop each child’s skills and allows each child to learn in the learning style he or she prefers. It provides meaningful learning opportunities to develop skills, competencies, a sense of self and a foundation for learning throughout life.

Day Care

Activity Classes

Little Explorers (16 - 24 months)

Toddlers and their mommies make their grand debut into the world of formal learning! This program provides a jump start to the parent-child reciprocal relationship.

The little toddlers will grove to music, splash in water, paint messy pictures, explore touch-and- feel books, cook and mash food, dramatize and do lots more. The program celebrates the arts, sciences and most importantly – the joy of parenting. It provides sensorially stimulating activities which lead to increased neural connections in the brain.

Nursery (3-4 years)

Close to what is often called the ‘terrible twos’, it is a dreaded age by most but is actually the right time to steer the child onto the path of formal education. This year is their growing up year. They are like sponges ready to learn and absorb everything that comes their way. They are trained in a slightly more formal way.

Developmental appropriateness, Brain Compatible learning and the theory of Multiple Intelligence guide the designing curriculum for this program as well. The children explore materials and activities, discover new concepts and build social skills along with emergent literacy, math, science and visual & performing arts. Children are provided with abundant time to sing, dance, express, rhyme, count, play, write, explore and talk.

Pre - Nursery (2-3 Years)

We at Oruga World, like to call this year the “pre” age. It is at this age that all the pre – reading, pre – writing, pre – numerical and other skills are developed . The transition from home to school is eased in a systematic and planned way to keep the child engaged. The children learn social skills – making friends and sharing things. They also learn by looking around and observing the themes that are changed every month to facilitate learning.

Group and individual activities to enhance observation, motor – skills, hand – eye coordination are executed. Music and action songs complete their first journey in a formal school environment. It will be a home away from home experience for the child.