Our Curriculum

At Oruga World, our curriculum is designed to be child-centric. From the smallest of acts like a welcome greeting when the child enters the daycare to placing his / her bag, actively participating in all the activities, interacting with friends and teachers to saying a goodbye; the children imbibe discipline, value education, thorough understanding of the knowledge that is imparted in a way that these factors become a natural way of living and growing for them.

Our trainers and teachers come ‘home from home’. The children, trainers, teachers, maids – all are a family at Oruga World. The teachers, trainers and maids are quick at switching roles between being a friend, guide, parent and an inspiration to these children so that they think, discover, explore and grow to become happy healthy individuals – physically, mentally and emotionally.Their curiosity is nurtured, critical thinking encouraged and milestones appreciated.

We follow the three pronged approach in our learning methods;

  •  Multiple Intelligence
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Experiential Learning

Learning based on Multiple Intelligence

Every individual has a different dominant intelligence to grasp things that are around him / her. Some remember things because they see visuals, some remember because of some music attached to it, some remember when they read it and others when they listen to the words. At Oruga World, we understand that each child is unique and so is his / her intelligence. Some learn through story telling, some learn counting when they climb up and down the steps and some when they draw. Hence, we adopt multiple techniques to administer the curriculum; each equally engaging and interactive.

Experiential Learning

Based on Aristotle’s thought, ‘for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them’, experiential learning forms an important part of the learning here. The children are asked to perform different tasks and share what they observe, experience as well as feel. These experiences stimulate their different sensory skills and help them absorb the learning with more belief and sincerity. This form of learning establishes more firm foundations and learning that remain with the child for a lifetime. At Oruga World; we take the children on regular field trips and live demonstrations accompanied by interactive and engaging activities to widen their horizons and allow them to dream limitless possibilities. That’s just one of our many ways of grooming thinkers, discoverers and explorers!

Inquiry Based Learning

Why is the sky Blue?, Who made the rainbow?, Why does the baby have to grow up?, Why can’t I take Rohan’s teddy home?, How does it rain?; kids love asking questions. It’s their way of understanding the world and the norms of the society. We believe questions are powerful tools of education. They aid thinking and logical understanding. When the curiosity of the children is answered and satisfied, they feel they can now accept the happenings of the world and follow the systems too. This form of learning also creates an interesting, engaging and meaningful curriculum at Oruga World. We use the children’s interests and questions as a starting point for effective learning.