How to Protect Your Child from Gadget Addiction

The good old days of children playing outside are long gone and all we see in every household are kids on iPads, laptops, mobile phones or virtual reality systems. It’s a pity that kids these days are addicted to their gadgets and have lost touch with their human friends.

While technology is a great tool for exposure and learning, too much of anything is bad, and technology is not exception to the rule. There are various health problems that can be caused due to the rays that these gadgets emit and also the lethargy that comes with constant sitting. Studies also show that when children are using gadgets for a long time, they develop eating disorders and lose social sense.

In this article, we share tips on how parents can keep their children from getting addicted to gadgets and ensure overall development.

 1. Lead by Example– As parents, we need to show our children that gadgets are a part of life, but there needs to be a line drawn. If children see us using gadgets day in and day out, they aren’t going to believe us if we tell them the harmful effects. So use gadgets as less as possible in front of children and develop a healthy physical routine to show them the importance of outdoor activities.

 2. Enroll them in an activity centre– After school activity is a great way to engage your children with others in their age group and also keep them away from gadgets during the time of activities. Your children will also learn new sports and get physically active.

 3. No Gadgets during meal time- It is observed that using a gadget while eating food leads to slow metabolism rate and has damaging effects on the brain. Make a rule to keep the gadgets away during meal time and access them only after. Let the phone ring unless it’s an emergency.

 4. Make them start a project- Start a project with your kid and help them with it. Here, you can teach them the positive use of technology by searching and learning how to make the project on Youtube and also increase the parent child connect by making the project with them physically. During the project though, ensure they refrain from using gadgets.

We hope these tips will help you teach your children the optimum use of technology and how to not get addicted to it. For the best activity centre in Baner area, you can visit us at or email us at

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