6 Recycling Activities for Preschool Children

It is a great idea to stress on the concept of recycling and sustainability to preschoolers.

Is there any weight in the statement that – “The Earth would have been better off environmentally if we were taught the importance of recycling and sustainability in our childhood.”

The relevance of taking care of the environment, at the home or the classroom are some of the essential things to inculcate into the psyche of preschoolers. It also opens the door for discussion on how certain materials are made and how they can be re-used.

We have rounded up 6 recycling activities for preschoolers to help you introduce the topic to your classroom.

1. Create a Recycling Center: Get some cardboard boxes and plastic recycling bins to create a makeshift recycling center inside your classroom. Get the preschoolers to participate in labeling, decorating and setting up the recycling bins in the room. As you label each box with plastic, paper, metal, cardboard, demonstrate and explain to them what item must go in which one and why. Encourage the children to sort recyclables that they use every day.

2. Recycled Crafts: Demonstrate and show the children that it is fun to re-use and make new crafts out of recycled things like egg cartons, scrap paper, empty containers and lids, old newspapers, cardboard boxes etc.

3. Clean up the Park: The importance of taking care of the environment is best ingrained at this age when the mind is bereft of any conditioning. Take them to participate in cleaning the litter at the local park – and make that a fun activity – an activity that they look forward to in the future.

4. Build A Compost Bin: Show preschoolers that even leftover food can be recycled to serve the poor and the needy. Create a compost bin and put the children’s leftover food into it, and transfer it to a community composter periodically. Use this opportunity to teach the children not only about the composting process, but also about how the leftover food can be recycled into nutrient-rich soil.

5. Promote Recycling: Give the children lessons on the importance of creating awareness among the people about the criticality of recycling, reducing waste and re-using items. Try using recycle stuff to create the poster and display it proudly for everyone to see and appreciate in your child-care centre.

6. Recycling or Garbage: The thin line that is there between recycled things and garbage can get blurred if not handled in the right way. Create flashcards featuring photos of recyclable items and non-recyclable items. Show both kinds of flashcards to the class and ask them to decide which flashcard will go to the recycle bin and which to the trash bin. Ask them to explain why certain items can be recycled and why others cannot.

Opening the eyes of the future guardians of the planet to the wretched state of the universe and to make them realize what it means to start recycling can never be over-emphasized. The practice of which is long since overdue.

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