Enhance Your Child’s Creative Intelligence

Creativity is one of the most important skills that help individuals think out of the conservative patterns, come up with unconventional solutions and bring out the best in every situation. The assumption that some children are born creative while others are not is just that – an assumption.  You can develop your child’s creative skills by giving them the right space, time and tools and leaving them to explore and imagine on their own. It is when your children imagine and co-create things that they learn to think beyond limitations and express beyond inhibitions.

In this article, we provide activities you can engage your child in to enhance their creative intelligence.


It can be painting, sketching, drawing, creating clay toys, using Lego blocks and playing with sand or mud or even scribbling on the walls. Allow them and make them feel they are creating something. Let their imagination know no bounds and if they want to use other ways to create art from the household items, allow them.


Introduce your children to different genre of books along with the dictionary. The world of books will not only enhance their learning, but also help them visualize and imagine new worlds, helping them improve their creative intelligence.

Introduce them to a sport-

When a child engages in a physical sport, their brain develops skills like coordination and reflexes well. This develops your child’s creative skills because their brain gets sharper and allows them to look at a situation from all angles while thinking of various ways to solve it.

Cameras, Binoculars, Microscopes and Telescopes-

At the appropriate age, gift your children these devices accordingly and let them explore the mystery that is this world. As your kids will see the miracles happening all around them, they will see the magic, the art, the culture, the nature, the biology of things and the heartbeat of the universe. This will broaden their imaginative horizons and give them a deep understanding of the way things work.

Since a lot of us are working parents, we suggest you enroll your children in after school activities that bring out your child’s creative intelligence.

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