Reasons Why Your Kid Should Attend Preschool

The question, “my kid is small why should he go to preschool?” is the usual one that most parents have in their mind. Kids need to be proactive from a very young age. If their brains are not developed at an early age then later it can be a problem.

Here are some reasons for which you need to send your child to a preschool:

  1. It is an opportunity for their growth

Preschool is the first experience for your child and it should be a great one. It is like a structured experience for the kids with the outer environment and they get a chance to interact with the other kids and the teachers. They learn to share, follow instructions and have a structured foundation for elementary school.

  1. Preschool promotes social and emotional development

In order to learn new things the first thing that a child needs to do is to feel secure with the teacher or the care taker. A 3 year old child would spend their day out far from their parents and home for which the preschool build the trust in the child. There are programs which nurture the relations between the teachers, children and the parents. Parents would be getting their children’s report so that they can understand how their child is responding in the school. These little ones learn the social skills and the emotional self-control in “real-time”. Teachers help them in managing their anger and frustrations.

  1. The environment of the preschool is structured, although it may not seem so

The highly structured environment will enable your young ones to make new friends and get along with the other kids. It does not mean that there a lot of rules for the kids and they are constantly under the eye of the adults. Actually the structure is invisible to the kids. The space of the classroom is organized in such a way that the kids can socially interact and minimize the congestion and conflicts.

  1. Children get a chance to make their choices

Children get to see a lot of choices which actually confuses them at times. They wander around aimlessly knowing what is interesting them. The teachers are the ones that pay attention to the kids and suggest them to play in the group of kids.

  1. Children learn to take care of themselves and the others around them

Teachers in preschool help the kids in organizing themselves. There are some small behaviors that should be taught to the kids at the right age. Kids are very fast at learning so if we teach them to take care of themselves and the others they would be doing that.

You should not be teaching your child all at one time, give them their time and space. Preschool is such a place where the kids get a chance to open up and interact with the outer world other than home. If you want to ensure that child learns some good habits and life skills then make sure you drop in to get a vibe of Oruga World, a popular preschool in Baner and Balewadi.

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