About us

Welcome to Oruga World!

Today’s rapidly progressing world requires children to be well equipped to walk hand in hand with the changing times. A sharp intellect, a strong body, mind and heart as well as intuitive thinking are need of the hour for children to groom into dynamic personalities. The seeding of these life-skills happen when children become a part of a scientifically designed learning environment that is conducive to their sprouting, nurturing, growing and finally blooming. At Oruga World, we work towards instilling these through our various activities that the children participate in.

Social-Emotional Skills

Social behaviours and emotional intelligence among kids form firm patterns between birth and 4 years of age. They are refined and strengthened between 4 to 8 years. The group activities and team oriented learning methods at Oruga World help children build interpersonal relationships, control their behavior, form positive self-esteem and hone self-help skills.

Thinking Skills

Children are posed with new opportunities to hone this skill every day. Simple activities like trying to put the rings size wise around the pole, fitting the correct shapes into the correct holes, trying to find different ways once they climb up the ladder to come down by the slide or tunnel challenge their thinking abilities. These activities churn their minds and help them develop an attitude of thinking before taking an action and problem solving when confronted with a challenge.

At Oruga World, we bring children face to face with many such situations everyday where they are encouraged to understand cause & effect relationships so as to take correct steps.

Thus, they imbibe the habit of thinking and evaluating people as well as situations by themselves. This makes them independent thinkers as well as problem solvers.

Physical Development

The various toys, games and activities planned at the daycare offer opportunities to develop coordination, balance and agility in kids. Since a large part of the motor skills development take place from the time of birth to 2 years and get refined between 2 and 6 years, we work on nourishing both; the small and large muscles of the body.

Communication Skills

A child’s ability to grasp quick vocabulary and grammar is at its peak right from the time of birth upto 5 years of age. By the time the child turns 5, he or she has learnt three-fifths of the vocabulary he or she will learn in his or her lifetime. At Oruga World, we build a strong foundations of grammar and vocabulary; the kind which will help the children breakdown as well as build up complex communications (both receptive and expressive) with ease.

Our Mission / Vision

Be thought leaders of childcare, development and learning for children through opportunities of self-realization and encouragement to know as they grow. Oruga World aims to be a daycare synonymous to being a learning temple that lays the foundation of grooming children become discoverers, explorers and unique individuals treading their own paths with confidence and happiness.

Our Philosophy

The word ‘Oruga’ means caterpillar. A caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis and turns out into a beautiful and colourful butterfly.  Similarly, children at Oruga World go through our rigorous 3 pronged learning approach accompanied by a plethora of opportunities to explore, experiment and create thus transforming into independent, joyful, multi-skilled colourful little butterflies!

Our philosophy focuses on the children. We envision making children inquisitive learners, explorers and discoverers towards themselves and towards their own interests.

Oruga World programs and environment ensure:

  • Children come to a home away from home. They are greeted and treated with warmth of a family. This makes them comfortable and allows them to open up to the opportunities of possibilities in every little thing they participate in.
  • The kids learn to develop a spirit of inquiry, participation and keenness to learn. This allows them to grow confident and establish a systematic understanding of cause and effect relationship.
  • Hands-On experiences through experimentation and real world learning experiences.

Meaning of Logo

The Oruga LOGO caterpillar is bright and colourful. These colours make a child feel happy, playful and have a therapeutic effect on their being. Unlike a regular caterpillar, the Oruga caterpillar is colourful and has small wings; meaning, it has already started exhibiting the qualities of being a young, colourful, multi-skilled and independent butterfly ready to stretch its wings and fly. That’s how we groom our kids too.